DBA in Data SciencE

Doctor of Business Administration

Offered by Rennes School of Business in
collaboration with INSOFE


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Quarters of Focused Research
Ultimate Academic Qualification

World’s first Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Degree in Data Science

“This joint DBA in Data Science puts together two key elements essential for a quantitative jump in your career. The solid research training from Rennes School of Business coupled with the deep expertise in Data Science and AI brought by INSOFE.

In a changing world where knowledge is a highly prized commodity, there was no better time to embark on a degree. And this DBA program equips you with the tools to come up with innovative solutions for business and society.”

Director General & Dean, Rennes School of Business


Salient Features

salient features

salient features Flexibility (designed keeping a busy manager in mind) to balance work and study

salient features Guidance from business and data science professors

salient features A highly balanced course work on data science and research methods

salient features Thesis on problems that you are passionate about

salient features A highly respected profile with the ultimate degree a university can confer





The DBA in Data Science focuses on business strategies, thought leadership skills and product development along with a rigorous foundation in Data Science. Candidates create substantial IP and explore the frontiers in these exciting fields.

These new-age, disruptive skills transform the candidates to thought leaders who will take on critical responsibilities within the organization in designing, leading and driving digital transformation activities.


Most courses in DBA are offered live and online with optimum classroom intervention. They are designed to minimize disruption to your workload.

All courses are offered once or twice a year. You can choose your convenient slots.

Course Work
120 Credits

Data Science Courses

  • Foundation Courses
  • Directed Reading I
  • Data Science Specialization
  • Strategy
  • Organisation Behaviour

Research Methodology Courses

  • Research Methodology and Process (Online - Rennes SB)
  • Qualitative and Mixed Research Methodology (at Rennes SB, France)
  • Quantitative Research Methods (at Rennes SB, France)
  • Empirical Development Workshop
  • Paper Development Workshop
  • Proposal Defence (at Rennes SB, France)
  • Directed Reading II

80 Credits








You have to complete all 120 Course credits and 80 Thesis credits in three years, parallely.

Program Fees
€10,000 per year

(Roughly 8 Lakhs INR)

100% academic loans with attractive EMI available.


Admission Requirements

Candidates should possess

A Master’s Degree with 5 years of Industry Work Experience


A Bachelor’s Degree with 8 years of Industry Work Experience

Financing Partners

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Over 10 + Banks and NBFCs

  • With easy financing options, you can now earn a Global Doctoral Degree
  • Over 10 + Banks and NBFCs provide loans at very attractive EMIs
  • 100% of loan assistance will be provided by 13 leading banks

A Deep-Focus on Innovation and Applied Research
Take Your Career to the Next Level.

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Advisory Session

Dr Murthy

Dr. Dakshinamurthy Kolluru conducts the information sessions for the DBA programs. As one of the architects of the program, research guide and professor, he will walk you through the course, content, opportunities, fee in detail.



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What is DBA Program?
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with specialization in Data Sciences is a part-time three-year comprehensive Doctoral Program. The DBA program is architected for working professionals and executives, to achieve a doctoral degree in business administration while continuing with their work responsibilities and careers. DBA program is equipped with a rigorous foundation course in Data Science, enabling candidates to conduct research in the specialized areas to become VPs, Consultants, CXOs and stand out as the thought leaders in the business world.

Is the DBA Program equivalent to a PhD, if so, Can I call myself a Doctorate?
Yes! DBA Program is equivalent to a PhD degree. The DBA degree program is a globally recognized Doctoral Program. So, undoubtedly upon the successful completion of the DBA Program, students can add the title of ‘Dr’ to their names.

What is the difference between the DBA and a PhD program?
The primary goal of the DBA is to advance professional practices, preparing students to carry out applied research and to make a direct contribution to professional practice and/or policy in a workplace or wider industry context. The DBA is designed for experienced managers and offers the opportunity to take your business and management knowledge to a higher level. Like the PhD it is a doctoral qualification, however, it is directly linked to the world of business. The PhD, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to undertake in-depth academic research to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

How unique is the DBA program and what are the benefits of pursuing the DBA Program that is being offered jointly by INSOFE and Rennes School of Business?
DBA Program jointly offered by INSOFE and Rennes School of Business, France, is distinctively designed with a primary focus on applied research along with a deeper emphasis on building a product and create substantial Intellectual property (IP) while working with a remarkable research group. The Program focuses on business strategies, thought leadership skills with equal focus on product development.

What are the Accreditations of Rennes School of Business?
Rennes School of Business is a Global School of Management in France, recognized worldwide as one of the Top Business Schools with a triple-crown accreditation - EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply for the DBA Program and Who is it for?
The applicants with Master’s degree with 5 years of experience will be given preference. However, applicants with Bachelors degree with minimum 8 years of working experience may be considered on a case by case basis. Professional who aspire to be Strategy Leaders, VPs, Consultants, continue in the industry and as a thought leader -- CXO. The DBA program will be of particular benefit to the experienced senior executives, consultants, management educators and business school academics who want to go to the next level.

How long is the program?
The DBA in Data Science is expected to be a three-year part-time program.

What is the delivery format available for the DBA Program?
The DBA Program offers both online and classroom-based learning. The classes will be held on weekdays/weekend at INSOFE campus and at Rennes SB campus in France. Students will get multiple opportunities to fly to France - Rennes SB.

Where are the classes delivered?
Classes will be delivered at INSOFE, India (Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai) and Rennes School of Business, France. It is both online and classroom-based learning.

What is the calendar for the DBA Program?
To know the details about the DBA Program, check the cohort commencement details on the website or please feel free to contact the Program Advisory Team.

What is the Application Process for the DBA Program?
You should submit your application online along with the supporting documents including a research proposal. After which you will be invited for an interview with the faculty advisors. Then, your candidature will be assessed by the joint admission committee of INSOFE and Rennes SB and the admissions will be offered to candidates satisfying the laid down admission criteria.
Application processing charges include:
Registration at Rennes SB: €100 (Interview)

Upon approval, the admission offer is made.

What is the tuition fee structure for the DBA Program?
The complete DBA program tuition cost: €30,000*. This can be paid lump sum or according to the following payment schedule.

  • 1st year: 10,000;
  • 2nd year: 10,000;
  • 3rd year: 10,000;

Can I extend my DBA Program?
Yes, but only in exceptional circumstances, you will be allowed to extend your DBA for a maximum of 1 year. Your request will be assessed by the program directors at both INSOFE and Rennes SB. Tuition fees for the extended year will be: 7000 (EUROs). The program cannot be extended by more than a year.
*In addition to the fees, students are responsible for the costs of travel and accommodation during their three-week stay in France.

Is my travel to France and accommodation included in the tuition fee?
No. The fee structure does not include travel and accommodation. Students are responsible for the costs of travel, accommodation, and subsistence.

What are the documents that are to be submitted during admission?
Some of the documents that DBA students are required to submit are:

  • ID Proof
  • Educational Certifications
  • Relevant Work Experience Letters from the Organizations
  • Research proposal

Why should I earn a Doctoral Degree?
A Doctoral Degree in Business is the highest level of academic degree. Today, in the business industry, candidates with a Doctoral Degree are extremely preferred. DBA Degree provides a great exposure into the advanced tools, strategic planning and decision making which are immensely vital to continue in the business industry. Also, DBA Program helps students to take over the senior management positions such as CXO’s, VP’s, profiles such as Head of Analytics. This DBA Program helps students to expand professional networks, make great contributions to the business industry, and stand out as the thought leaders in the business world.

If I have completed my Data Science/PGP; can I transfer my credits?
Individual cases can be assessed by the program directors at both INSOFE and Rennes SB subject to the overall profile of candidate including work previous degree, work experience and performance in PGP.

How do I choose my Supervisor, both at INSOFE & Rennes SB?
Depending on the areas of interest and research problem, students may choose their respective Supervisors.

Will the DBA be awarded by the INSOFE or Rennes SB?
Upon the completion of the DBA Program, the Doctor of Business Administration degree will be awarded by the Rennes School of Business, France. So, DBA students will hold a global Doctoral Degree!

Would there be any financial assistance?
INSOFE has tie-ups with Axis Bank, HDFC Credila, We Make Scholars banks and over 10+ banks in NBFCs and Digital India. Students will be assisted by the Program Advisory Team in applying for the education loan from any of these banks.

Can my company sponsor me?
YES! We encourage company sponsorships. Through the employer-sponsored education, there are mutual benefits both for the company and the employee. By sponsoring tuition for an outstanding employee, organizations can retain & motivate high performing employees, reduce the cost of hiring new employees with the same highest academic degree - DBA, upgrade the skills & have knowledge transfer sessions within the company. Also, this will be a great attraction for the new talent to choose to work at the organization that sponsor employee’s education.

Is it essential to build a product or get a patent to get a doctoral degree?
Although it is not mandatory to apply for a patent to receive the Doctoral Degree, we recommend students to file the patent.

Will I get any assistance from INSOFE or Rennes SB in filing the patents?
INSOFE will provide assistance in filing the patent.

What are the holding rights for the Patent received?
Refer to the Patent - Legal document to know more about the Patent Filing and Patent Rights.

What are the Research Groups that are available?
Research Groups:
- Healthcare Analytics
- Capital Markets
- Connected Devices
- Data Engineering
- Advanced AI and Application
- Digital Supply Chain
- Agribusiness

Can you name the Areas of Specializations?

The Specialization areas include:
- Applied Engineering & Real-Time Big Data Analytics
- Financial Markets Analysis
- Advanced AI
- Digital Supply Chain
- Healthcare
- Agribusiness

Depending on the research problem, DBA students may choose the research group & specialization area with the guidance of their supervisor.

What type of VISA is granted? Will I get a post-study VISA/ work VISA post completion of the program?
DBA students will get complete assistance in applying for a VISA to pursue the program at the Rennes School of Business, France. However, students are not allowed to stay in France, post-completion of the study. There would be No Visa Extension.

Would there be any study material or reference books provided?
The lecture topics notes, study material for every course work will be provided during the DBA Program. Now when it comes to Thesis, a literature search will be done online by the student with the guidance of the Supervisors. And the most exciting thing is that DBA students will have complete access to the Rennes School of Business library sources where students have possibility to search for articles relating to their problem statement.

Rennes School of Business has a comprehensive collection of print, digital and media resources. The library provides immense online resources and great collections to encourage the learning-teaching process. This includes EBSCO, ScienceDirect, WILEY, DOAJ, Emerald Insight, JSTOR, to name a few.

Tell me more about the Alumni Status post-completion of the DBA Program?
We would love to grow our alumni networks. As a DBA student, you will have both Rennes School of Business & INSOFE alumni status and that can help maintain good relationships with the faculty & management. We encourage students to contribute to network platforms.