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Focused, modularized programs for busy working professionals

CPAE enables busy executives to choose exactly what they need. Some people want to learn just the essential data skills that their job demands and not a 360 degree treatment provided in CPEE. Some already have essential skills and want to take only advanced courses. For both groups, CPAE is the right option. Individuals can enroll for separate modules (up to two modules in any 365 day duration from the start of the first module).
LTI certified
  CSE 7301c
This five-day module teaches the complete data analytics lifecycle in an applied and hands-on manner. A data-rich business environment is detailed and a few semi-real world problems that can be solved in 5 days are worked on. It starts with playing with data, using data visualization as an analytics technique and data pre-processing. It then smoothly moves to designing and implementing predictive models for a variety of business applications. It also covers important aspects of analyzing the quality of the model. Finally, the latest trends in reporting the results are discussed.

While one or two business cases are used as anchoring themes during the program, the general applicability is emphasized throughout.

At the end of the program, the participants are able to answer business questions such as "who is likely to buy a new product amongst the existing customers", "which customers are most likely to default on a loan or an insurance payment" and "if a customer buys Product A, which other products can be recommended to him/her".

This course thoroughly trains candidates on the following techniques:
  • A framework for solving Analytics problems.
  • Pre-processing Techniques: Graphical visualization; Handling missing values; Data standardization
  • Introduction to two important data mining techniques: Decision Trees and Association Rules
  • A thorough introduction to solving analytics problems using R
  • Model selection using K-fold validation

Industry Highlights

Everyday, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data - so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last 2 years.
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  • Working professionals, managers and recent graduates are eligible for the program. We do not specify any academic background requirements.
  • Knowledge of Higher Secondary Math and English (fundamentals of calculus, statistics, trigonometry, coordinate geometry and basic English skills).
  • Score of 50% or more in the entrance exam.
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Ananda Prasad C.
Analyst at a Multi-Billion Dollar IT Services Company

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